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December 08, 2021

Technology Advancements in Scranton Home Security Systems

Home alarm systems have been used in Scranton for over 50 or so years, and hasn’t changed until the past few years. Home protection has always been a worry, but sometimes it seemed intrusive and cumbersome. Thankfully, you can now implement wire-free access-point sensors, surveillance devices, and smart locks that result in a security systems that are more intuitive to your lifestyle. Review these exciting technology advancements in Scranton home security that enhance your safety and simplify your life.

Activate Your System From Your Recliner With Spoken Instructions

You can engage your home’s alarm system with simple words. Voice commands don’t require your hands and prevent the inconvenience of physically operating your home’s defense with an entered PIN when you decide to start it. Voice activation is easy to configure with your Alexa or Google Home. Or make things even easier and implement custom schedules through your home security app.

ADT Smart Lock Control Pad in a Sitting Room

Safeguard Your Property With Smart Door Locks

Your standard front door locks are simpler to bypass than smart locks. Within your smartphone security application, you create a code that you will then circulate with your family members and those you wish to have access to your home. You even have the ability to deactivate the locks from your mobile device, which is nice when you are trying to unload toddlers or groceries or whenever your hands are occupied while attempting to get in the door. Smart locking devices are a prime example of technology advancements in Scranton home security that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Keep An Eye On Your Front Porch With Handy Doorbell Surveillance

At the top of the list of sought-after technology advancements in Scranton home security are doorbell cameras. These components will not only alert you a visitor arrives, but you will also have the opportunity to visually confirm who is on your front porch. A number of smart doorbells are motion sensitive and will send you a notification and start recording when it observes any movement. If there's a stranger at your entry that you aren't comfortable allowing into your home, you can use the 2-way communication feature as opposed to speaking in person.

Illuminate Your Home with Smart Lighting

It's generally accepted that a dark home can be enticing to prospective intruders. Not only that, who wants to enter a dim, gloomy space when coming home at night? Smart bulbs give you the ability to manage your property’s lighting regardless of your location. You should put smart bulbs in different spaces of your home, so it gives the appearance that people are present. You can even set your lights to activate at your convenience and have your house "wake up" when you get done with your shower each day or when you get home from work.

Use Video Surveillance To See What's Happening At Home

Do you have a new home healthcare provider and want to observe them in action? Do you have young adults in your house that you want to peek in on when you’re in the office? Maybe you have pets with behavioral concerns? With video surveillance, you can take a look inside your interior from your mobile device anytime you want. Incorporate camera surveillance inside your house and outdoors to stay connected at all times and keep your property and loved ones secure.

Take Advantage Of Technology Advancements With Your Scranton Home Security Package From Secure24 Alarm Systems

Defending your residence and ensuring the safety of your loved ones is simpler than it has ever been before with modern technology advancements in Scranton home security. Contact us today, and let our team create the ideal security system for you. From integrated automation components to fast and easy installation, our staff is ready to give you peace of mind. Place a call to (570) 217-8895 or send in the form on this page.